‘I observe, I react!’

Three countries are involved in the ‘I observe, I react!’ project: Poland, Cyprus and Portugal.

The main goal of the project is to raise the level of knowledge within students taking part in it. Also the following skills will be developed: recognising abuse, mobbing and aggression in others, which may occur at the institutions project participants come from.

The reason of importance of the project scope is that the issues in question may happen regardless of the country, type of the institution or age of the participants. When analysing the situation in four different, in terms of culture and geographical location, countries, we noticed the versatile model solution that would help in preventing or dealing with these issues does not exist.

Employees of some of the institutions fail to notice the problem, despite the fact it does occur. Moreover, there is almost no training on awareness of abuse, mobbing nor aggression provided there. If available any – it is often of a poor quality.

Taking part in the project will allow the participants to experience, create, explore and understand. Innovative approach to cooperation and working together on results is a motivating factor leading this project to success. On results will be working people directly working with the students. They will receive educational support from Polish psychologists and specialists. They will also prepare workshops inspiring others during which their participants will have the chance to share with others their thoughts, experience and good practices. This open, made of clear teaching methods and leading to achieve common goals creative process will be completed by participants themselves.

All of the results will be then gathered and written down in good practice guidance and workshop script.

In solving problem both innovative tools and solutions that worked well in other countries, regions and situations, such as targeting different groups like employees, may be used.

During and after lasting of the project every country will have the opportunity to share its knowledge with the colleagues from the same institution as well as from the institution within the same region. It will inspire others to participate actively and will promote European common action. The systematic diagnosing on abuse at school will be provided by particular institution. This abuse preventing system will be monitored and evaluated regularly.

Goals achieved will be valuable contribution to European area of skills and qualification due to improving teachers’ competencies.

The results will impact not only at the local level, but also at national and European ones and the final recipients will be also the people with fewer social opportunities and disabilities.

Impact of the PROJECT