Physical Theatre for Youth

On 18 February at 18:00, an international theatrical meeting of artists from European and South American countries ‘United in Diversity – For Physical Theatre’ took place on the BOK stage. Representatives of two continents performed in one evening. The programme featured performances and demonstrations of work by artists from Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France and Poland. There were elements of clowning, mime, shadow theatre, illusion and video mapping technology on stage.
The programme featured a performance culminating the international work of South American and European actors. The performance represented an exploration of the manifestation of the elements in the human body and the possibility of conveying a story with the body. In the collective physical work of the theatrical chorus, intercontinental boundaries were shattered while making elements of the culture of each participating country visible. Magdalena Kultys Lal – the show’s director – invited the audience to rediscover the actor’s corporeality on stage and his musicality.
“Physical theatre at the crossroads of cultures” is a one-of-a-kind event in Poland, which allowed an overview of performances by young artists from Europe and South America who completely use the visual language on stage.
After the performances, the audience had the opportunity to engage in conversations with the artists.
The event was the culmination of a two-year project by actors, educators and students on contemporary physical theatre actor training. The project won the 2020 call for proposals in the Youth Capacity Building programme managed by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture in Brussels.
The project is co-funded by the EU.