Emotions of Europe – youth exchange October 2017

The youth exchange “Emotions of Europe” has been organised in frames of action 1 Mobility of Education from “Erasmus +” Programme in which 40 people (with 5 leaders) from 5 countries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Turkey took part. The project was created for active people interested in crossing intercultural borders in an artistic way. The main aim of the project was to awake the inner creativity and the ability to manage intercultural conflicts.

The specific objective of this exchange programme was to increase the awareness about the importance of using art in our life and achieving agreement through non convential activities. Thanks to art of mime that encourages physical control and simplicity of thought we were finding new ways to talk about actual challenges of citizens of Europe. We were also finding out how to manage our emotions and what is our emotional memory.

The methods of our work were workshops organised by volunteers of Positive Changes Association in cooperation with project’s partners supervised by leaders. Other important aspect was to improve social and personal abilities. We focused on creating theatre beyond the words that invites people to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

We increased our mind-body connection and learnt how to achieve self-mastery. Our international show was a representation of dialogue beyond the words. We have been working in small, mixed groups, and afterwards, the effects of work were beeing talked over together. We also worked altogether so that we were prepared to give an accurate portrayal of Europe in an international mime show.

The effect of the project was the promotion of finding international understanding by giving a show and also the augmentation in social abilities and possibilities of each participant by increasing awareness about borders between different cultures, finding out emotion intelligence and the practice of the process THOUGHT-EMOTION-ACTION through the art of mime.