During the project the results of our work are presented on the website of the project. The following things will be posted on the website: information, pictures from the workshops and the working meetings, reports, presentations of the participants on the topic of the project, videos. This website will be in English.
Each partner will regularly inform the workers after the finishing of each stage of the project about the produced effects during each period of time.
We will ensure that all the results are recognizable, presented and permanently implemented in the organization’s politics and practices on the local, regional, state and even European level.
Local participants of events which aim at promoting the results of the project will be people who did not have a chance to directly take part in the project, by that we mean: adult education staff in particular institutions, parents, local authorities, regional and national, The Education Offices, non-governmental associations, fundations and organizations working in the same field – on the territory of a municipality, county or region, including non-governmental organizations working for the benefit of international cooperation, education and against violence.
The project of international cooperation will be a chance to raise awareness among those people about the activities of the European Union and European citizenship. It is a chance to get to know and present different areas and what is their place in Europe.
Promotion of the results will be possible during meetings of the workers/members of an organization, during seminars and conferences, as well as personal communication, which is a proved method.

On the European level – it is planned to place the results in European databases – which will influence the accessability of the materials to each interested person, which will increase the impact of the project.
Promotion on the European level is also informing the adult education staff from other organizations or schools, with which the partners are cooperating on an international level, about the results of the project.

In case of all international meetings the host organization will create reports from the meetings, which will take place in their country,
– Each partner will select a person responsible for contacting the coordinator,
– Everyone will appoint a person responsible for the evaluation, but a coordinator will supervise all
– Everyone will pick a person responsible for conducting activities with an aim to promote the results in their country.
They will work according to a fixed timetable.
All organizations which make up the partnership will take care of the promotion of the results of the project. It will be one of the stages of the cooperation. Everyone will take up promoting on the territory of their country.
The promotion of the projects’ products will take place through: personal contacts, website, conferences and seminars, shipment of the developed materials.
The increase of knowledge and professional skills of the participants will be presented in presentations during teacher’s meetings, model classes, seminars, through articles in professional press, personal contacts.