Modern theatre project for Europe – youth exchange February/March 2018

The youth exchange Modern Theatre Project for Europe was hosted by volunteers of Positive Changes Association in the centre of Polish mountains – Zakopane. The project was organized in cooperation with partners from Italy, Romania, Lithuania and Turkey known from previous youth exchanges and training courses. The specific objective of this project was to unleash our creativity process of thinking and to find out how to overcome our mental blocks through an international theatrical experiment. We gave twice an extraordinary performance applying modern techniques taken from interactive and physical drama which we promoted to the local audience.

The methods of our work consisted in workshops organized by volunteers from all of the organizations, and by invited trainers.
During the project we focused on our intercultural learning by theatre workshops. We had a chance to work in small, mixed groups. After each session of work, the effects of work were talked over together. We were also working together in order to prepare an effective performance. One of the main topics of our performance was the common Europe and at the same time, our national identity. We used the knowledge taken during the workshops to show the local society the beauty of different cultures working together and givving a professional and interesting show together.

We used the flashmob as a way of an artistic trailer of our final show. It was also the main method of establishing the contact with the audience. Our final performance was promoted and presented to the local society (also tourists, because it is a touristic area) and recorded.
Other important aspect was the improvisation technique which we use as a key to our creativity. It helped us to improve our self-expression. Physical theatre as a kind of sport, gave us a chance to improve our resistance and social development. These activities shaped our ability to think in an open way which currently is extremely desirable.

The effect of this project was a promotion of a creative thinking in our life and intercultural work through our extraordinary performance. We made visible not only our final performance but also our innovative ideas after the project in our local societies. These experiences increased confidence of all participants inspiring them to tackle next challenges with new self-belief. We are still using these techniques to improve further projects in the Erasmus + Programme and we are promoting that also in our local environments to encourage creativity in youngsters.