Find your power – youth exchange in October 2014

“Find Your Power” was a youth exchange organized in frames of action 1 Mobility of Education from “Erasmus +” Programme in which 33 people

from 4 countries took part. The project was created for active people who work with youngsters of age over 18 in their local societies. Taking

into consideration their work environment, their ability to motivate themselves and their group is essential.

Our main goal was to improve the self-development which will increase the effects of work with youth. We focused on emotional

intelligence development. We found out how to reach motivation for social activities, how to react in stressful situations, we improved the ability

to solve conflicts and to communicate in an international environment.

We decided to give the youth workers a chance to exchange experience and use new abilities in a friendly and safe environment in an international

group of people with similar interests, with the help of a professional NLP trainer – Ewa Pisera.

All the activities were based on the rules of non formal education. They had the form of work in groups. The vast majority of our activities were


We improved the quality of work in groups due to ability to communicate effectively. Future leaders learnt how to prevent

conflicts and how to lower stress in their youth groups which will help them to complete their tasks. Another major goal was the challenge to motivate

similar workshops in adapted forms in our partners’ countries in order to motivate youngsters to use the techniques featured during this youth


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