Do it MIME way – youth exchange in November 2015

The youth exchange Do It MIME Way! was hosted by participants of Positive Changes Association in Poland. The project was organized in cooperation with partners known from previous youth exchanges undertaken in the Youth in Action Programme. There were 35 young people (aged 18-25) and

6 leaders from: Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Poland.

We shared our cultural variety focusing on differences between expressing emotions in each country.

Our main goal was to develop our emotional intelligence and successful body language projection to achieve an efficient communication. That experience helped us to improve our social skills. In an international encounter we explored the unspoken intentions and feelings, we got to know national

gestures and habits which help people in each country to release emotions.

We focused on the non-verbal communication through the mime training and improvisational dance workshops. We made the ‘voyage to the colors of various emotions’ and learnt how to measure the level of them and how to take advantage of good and difficult emotions, as well. We unleashed our

process of expressing ourselves and we discovered how to overcome our mental blocks through an international mime research. We used as well some dance techniques which strengthened our social and emotional development. We were working in small, mixed groups, and afterwards, the effects

of our work were talked over together. The workshops of mime and dance were supervised by our leaders. We also were working together during the preparation of our performance.

We gave an extraordinary performance applying gestures taken from each country of our youth exchange and an improvisational drama focusing on the topic of the common Europe. We promoted through our show our successful communication at body language to the local audience in Poland. We

strongly believe that we have made already an international impact trough the promotion of our achievements and experience in our local environments encouraging creativity in other youngsters.

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